We handle core petroleum engineering activities in total. We can boost any oilfield production through some optimization techniques of multi-disciplinary value added products and services in the fields of Geophysics, Geology, Formation Evaluation, Petroleum Engineering, General Services and Processing; among others.

We take ownership in gathering and validate your data with excellent analysis such as, reservoir and facility engineering managements.

Our multi-disciplinary services cover the following specializations:

1.  Integrated Petroleum Engineering Study

  Geology & Geoscience
  Reservoir Engineering
  Reservoir Simulation
  Production Operations
  Production Technology


2. Well Services

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3.  Facility Engineering

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From discovery to commercial production, time is the key to achieving top financial performance. To ensure rapid production of your new early production facilities Akin DSW work as a coordinated team that focuses on integrated solutions for modular EPF projects. We strongly believe that our experience translates into added value for the management of these projects. Our multi-disciplinary engineering teams are managed by a project manager who is the single point of contact for our clients.

We however understand that effective asset management requires the precise coordination of a wide range of task, and by working together as a family of professionals we are committed to delivering the best outcomes for our clients. With our in-depth understanding and production experience covering all of the individual process required for processing upstream hydrocarbon, Akin DSW are able to manage an Early Production Facilities  to suit every kind of production type and volume.
With many years of experience in working on projects of all sizes, Akin DSW has learned to execute its projects according to the highest safety standards. Having overall process knowledge, project execution and interface management experience Akin DSW offers complete package deals.



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