Environment, Health, Safety & Socials


In our operations, the well-being of our host communities is paramount. We aim to realize this through a series of partnership arrangements and to conduct our relationships with them in a mutually respectful manner. We will work with our clients CLO to achieve this.

In same partnership with our host communities through industry partners and other key stakeholders, the following are some of our focus areas - *Host Community Health, *Host Community Education & Sports, Host Community Safety and *Human Capacity Development.

Moreover, our relationships with employees will be conducted in a fair, stable, and cohesively conducive atmosphere of common interests and mutual respect. In all our business operations, we will promote diversity and inclusiveness at all levels of relationship with our clients and employees.

We are committed to high standards of continuous and effective surveillance in all our operations. This is with the goal of ensuring that there are no adverse impacts in our environment of operations.

Health and safety are fundamentally important issues for Oil and Gas companies and these are critical aspects of our business too. So we aim to address important aspect(s) of our business that will affect health and safety performance effectively.

We target zero injuries and fatalities across all our operations. We will never compromise our established environment preservation, good health, adequate safety and social standards to meet operational objectives.


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